Basement Finishing 101 

What you need to know now? 

As a homeowner your basement can be the best place for you to play up with. You don’t necessarily have to hire someone to help you with the basement finish Denver. However, that all depends on what you are willing to do and what the space is for. If you want to add like a second bathroom or some other kitchen needs you may need a contractor for it but that is mostly it. Other times you can do your basement on your own without problems. So, here are some basement finishing 101 and the things that you need to know now.  

Basement Finishing 101 


Before you start any work for your basement you gotta put into your mind that you need to make sure that your plan is solid. You have to decide how much is your budget. What will the space be used mostly for? What will work best for the space. You need to decide now so you have the headroom to make other decisions such as design or finish later.  


You also have to have the right tools when doing the job that needed to be done. It is much safer for you to do this with the appropriate tools rather than you being resourceful about it. Although there is nothing wrong with you being resourceful on the tools that you used for the job. However, it will be safer and it will deliver a much sturdier result if you use the right tools for it. So, go for it and do it well. You may need some basic tools to start with like the:  

  • Tape measure 
  • Chalk line 
  • Level 
  • Dust mask 
  • Saw 
  • Hammer 
  • Stepladder 
  • Safety glass  

Those are just a few depending on the work that is being done.  

Prep Work 

You will also have to consider the prep work. Meaning all the paperwork should have been filed. There should be the right permit or that you have talked with the local government about the work being done. This is pretty much important because you don’t exactly want to clash with them.  

You would also have to prep the place itself. If you want to paint, there are prepping that needs to be done before you start painting. Basically, just about anything that you need to do in the space there is a corresponding prep work that you should not skip to ensure that your results are good.  


You also need to create zones if that is what you want. You don’t necessarily have to put up a divider to make the distinction but you can still make it work. Zones is simply the space that it would be most used for. For example, kitchen, living area, bedroom, theater room, studio and just about anything that you can do in the space. So, if you plan to use the space with multiple things you should look and make sure that you have that in there.  

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